The trip of I.

I* was created by literature export platform Latvian Literature, promoting Latvian writers' written word in the world. Now Latvian introverted writers I. and I. are taking a trip around their favourite city Riga.

* - An introvert Latvian writer

We are proud
to be introverts

The world is a perfect place for extroverts. For the kind of people who know how to start a relaxed conversation with a stranger, perform in front of an audience, say something flattering about others, or hug someone for no reason at all.

But we are different. Latvians can feel deeply confused when kissed on both cheeks. Or when suddenly talked to on a public bus or tram. If someone compliments a Latvian, he will turn red-white red. Latvia is one of the world's most introverted nations. And so are our writers, of course. And we are proud of that. We allow our books to speak for us, since literature is the perfect world for introverts.